Digital Pipe Inspections provides services to the Fort Worth, Dallas and surrounding areas.

We are not your average plumbing company!
What we provide is unique in that we only offer drain camera inspection services and drain cleaning expertise to provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision.

When using our drain inspection services you will receive a report that clearly identifies any areas of concern regarding your sewer drains or clogged drains. Your report will identify blockages or items in need of attention with photos, videos, notes and location services noting where the area of interest is located and the depth.

Our Licensed plumber can review the report with you to provide you with the knowledge and information you need to empower you to get accurate estimates and quotes from plumbing companies should your system require repairs.

When you schedule Digital Pipe Inspections for your sewer scope, borescope, sewer inspection drain camera or drain cleaning service needs you’re hiring the very best local experts.

Our only services are drain scopes and drain cleaning. This unique neutral approach to providing information only and not offering drain repair or sewer repair services to property owners has been greatly appreciated by many home owners who are thinking of renting a borescope or sewer scope but unsure of how to use one or how to read and diagnose what they are seeing.

Our licensed journeyman plumber has over 19 years of experience and can provide the knowledge and expertise to empower property owners with the information they need to make any decisions regarding their drains.

We pride ourselves on quality of workmanship and customer service.


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Jim K

Home Owner

Really appreciated having a plumber to consult with knowing he was just giving me the information not selling me anything I didn't need.

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Adrian is a trustworthy honest plumber, providing a valuable service for property investors.

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We find what's hidden from plain sight!

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It's the clean, friendly, knowledgeable professionals at Digital Pipe Inspections that set us apart from the competition. After talking to us, you'll see that your property is in good hands. When you're looking for straightforward, honest solutions to your sewer drain concerns give Digital Pipe Inspections a call or request an estimate today!

Proudly serving the communities in and around Fort Worth and Dallas.